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Think for yourself. Do your own research.

Ayahuasca–and other powerful psychedelics–are not to be taken lightly.  Many folks have continued reaching out for help after. The healing process claimed through the use of psychedelics has not been reliably verified, though the marketing and support has been great–from treatment centers to many involved in academia. Always think for yourself, do due diligence, and research different perspectives before making this possibly life-altering decision. Empower yourself and #KnowBeforeYouGo.

Know the extreme option may not be the best option. Healing via psychedelics is never a guarantee.

Remember, you are not alone. Be gentle with yourself. Seek help and do not give up.

Find help & some resources here. You will find information on when to reach out for emergent services, like crisis intervention support, a list of therapists & counselors who are openly listed for aftercare support, information on some of our sister programs, along with educational resources, including the Ayahuasca Health Guide for an overview of safety guidelines, as well as informative bits like the False Guru Test.

While we are working to become fully operational, we invite you to use the resources here, and hope they will be of some help and offer some comfort for yourself, or a loved one.

2-1-1 Crisis Hotline (United States)

United States: If you, or someone you know, is in crisis, suicidal or homicidal, or just needs someone to talk to now–Please Dial: 2-1-1 for the Crisis Hotline now for free counseling and other resources in your area.

Other countries: Please dial your country’s emergency hotline for crisis support.

Safety First:  Know Before You Go with The Ayahuasca Health Guide

This guide contains fairly comprehensive information concerning safe practices with ayahuasca usage from the western, as well as the indigenous perspectives.  Before attending any ceremony, please research safety and medical information here. Forums

Here, you can communicate with others who have experience with ayahuasca in a supportive environment. Look for varying perspectives.

MAPS Integrative Therapist List

The Multidisciplinary Approach for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) & The Aftercare Project have been working to build a list of integrative therapists with psychedelic experience who are happy to provide individual counseling for ayahuasca and other psychedelic crises. While there are not yet therapists listed in each area, there may be therapists, or counselors, who can provide counseling online.

Psychedelic Experience–Community, Education, & Research

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Psychedelic Experience is an online, worldwide educational community surrounding psychedelics. Their goal is to promote safe use of psychedelic substances and medicines by providing well-researched information along with communal resources. They offer a personal experiences journal and a global directory of organisations with objective reviews.
Please consider taking a moment to provide others with your experience, confidentially. Add centers, ceremonies, psychedelic organizations and reviews, in being a part of creating an unbiased space for well-researched, peer-reviewed information here.

Located at the Center for Optimal Living in NYC.  They offer individualized therapeutic services, as well as group therapy. They also offer comprehensive evaluation services that attempt to assess potential for risk for those interested in the psychedelic experience, in order to help you better predict more obvious risks involved. Access these New York-based services here.

Entheogenic Research, Integration, & Education (ERIE) of San Francisco, CA

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, CA, ERIE offers access to integrative therapists with psychedelic experience, as well as education surrounding the use of psychedelics.  Please contact them if you are in this area for specialized therapeutic and educational resources, including safety precautions and preparation materials here.

International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service (ICEERS)

Based in Spain, offering services globally, ICEERS is another resource for educational information. This non-profit also offers free online counseling support services via Skype or email, and will help to answer any questions you might have about various entheogenic medicines. Reach out to them and check out their Good Practices Guide for further safety information.

The Ayahuasca Manifesto

Beautifully composed by a thoughtful and ethical shaman, who takes no credit anywhere, but says he simply channeled this message from ayahuasca for all of humanity, this is a must read for those who are considering ayahuasca for treatment.  You can find this comprehensive piece here. Just remember–there are no guarantees of “healing”.

Know Your Shaman, or Guide: Recommendations and False Guru Test

Be sure to educate yourself concerning traits of ceremony leaders who may be most interested in power and/or money, rather than your personal well-being. Always look for motivations and always find multiple recommendations prior to making the possibly life-altering decision to drink with anyone, if you have decided you will do this. Examples of sites one might use for recommendations include, but are not limited to:,, posting in the Ayahuasca and the Ayahuasca Aftercare Facebook Group Forums, reaching out on Reddit, and even using a simple Google search.

There are many self-proclaimed prophets who are simply only profiteers. They are always looking for new followers, likely aware of seekers’ arrival in a vulnerable state for healing. They are not motivated by caring for seekers, but rather their ego-driven greed for power and/or money. Sadly, they can be found in all sorts of places. Anyone who has any power over your health or well-being should be well outside the proclivities found in this test! The purposes of this test are simply to help inform you as you listen for your own intuitions concerning your safety.

You can help others too–consider making an honest review at Psychedelic Experience, where you can provide your experience for others, anonymously. You are also invited to use the secured space there to privately journal about your experience(s). Remember, the psychedelic is only the tool for transformation, helping to shift perspective, while it is very important to spend time with the messages given during the experience–journaling is a great way to do this! We are very grateful Psychedelic Experience is working hard to create this healing, communal, and educational space surrounding psychedelics, as we are all on this grand journey together!