The Aftercare Project is dedicated to the psychological and spiritual well-being of participants following challenging ayahuasca experiences. 


Raven speaking to the need for a wider focus on aftercare support for seekers, on the panel: “Ayahuasca, Shamanism, & the Future of Amazonia”

Every day, new research gives us greater insight into ayahuasca’s healing potential. However, some centers cannot provide the integrative or psychotherapeutic services that are needed by some, especially when dealing with serious trauma from a biomedical (or Western) framework.

The mission of The Aftercare Project is to offer a structured safety net for those participants who need more than what is available through the retreat center. We will connect them with an understanding therapist, and help our partners to develop integrative techniques and training protocols to support both participants and their caregivers, as they move forward on their healing journey.

In addition, The Aftercare Project will offer materials for those travelling abroad. These materials will include:

  • Pre-trip preparation materials
  • Support with pre-screening
  • Safety information
  • Cultural education
  • Management of expectations & dispelling of myths
  • Links to sister projects, programs, research, & resources, all in one space

24-hr support will also be made available through an anonymous, secured, web forum with specially trained counselors.

Should a referral be requested, online counselors will support the matching of clients to therapists, as needed.

Anonymous feedback regarding all member counselors and therapists will be solicited in order to ensure the highest quality continuing care is offered.


The Blue Lotus signifies transformation. We are compassion, dawning into never ending waves of Pure Love.

The Aftercare Project is dedicated to compassionate support and collective healing. We believe that communities are only as strong as the support they offer to members most in need. We believe that one person’s healing leads naturally to the healing of others. If you believe as we do, we welcome you to become a part of this work.

For more information on our project goals, see our Statement of Purpose here.

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