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The Aftercare Project L3C is a Not-for-Profit, grateful to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for their support in providing fiscal sponsorship for this work. This means that whatever you decide to contribute here, will be tax-deductible with MAPS’ 501(3)C sponsorship!

Contributions cannot be too large or too small–each will receive our deepest show of gratitude, in helping those reaching out as soon as possible!

Donations to The Aftercare Project allow us to:

  • Create a professional, secured, counseling website
  • Lovingly provide education and preparation materials for full, informed consent before the journey, free 24-hour counseling support, as well as individualized referrals for those needing further care
  • Build the training protocol for our 24-hour online counselors and wonderful group of therapists
  • Create online training modules for our counselors & therapists, as well as translation of these modules and other materials for multi-national access to this support
  • Continue to improve on the model as we learn the best practices for individual needs through feedback mechanisms

Dedicated to the psychological & spiritual well-being of the Collective, the generous support of individuals like you make it possible for us to bring this compassionate mission to fruition! Thank you again for your kindness!

For all donations, we will send you a beautiful gift in expression of our deep gratitude ♥

Shop Gifts in Gratitude

“You Are Awesome” Birth Chart Reading: $10 +

An in-depth reading of Your Beautiful Birth Chart, using exactly the time & location you were born, according to how the Universe aligned! ~ 35-50 pages, Unique to You & that Special Moment!  

View Example Birth Chart Reading: Dalai Lama XIV

Support & Receive

“The Aftercare Project” Bookmark: $20 +

TAP_BASIC (1).png

An inspiring Aftercare Project bookmark, filled with Compassion, graced with Gratitude!

Support & Receive

Ayahuasca Magnet (*Limited Supply*): $30+

Receive a Beautiful, Unique splicing of the Ayahuasca vine, with Protective Overlay, for a Sweet Reminder to display!

Support & Receive

Ayahuasca Tie Tack (*Very Limited Supply*): $35+

A Very Unique Ode to Mother Ayahuasca, made from the vine itself, with Protective Overlay, to Proudly Display over your Heart ♥

Support & Receive

Ayahuasca Pendant (*Wide Variety–Limited Supply*): $65+

Receive a Gorgeous, Hand-Crafted, Ayahuasca Pendant! Wear Close to the Heart!

*Just a few pictured above! Support & Receive

Ayahuasca Talisman (*Variety–Limited*): $85+


Receive a Beautiful, Handmade Ayahuasca Talisman, for Protective Power & a Sweet Reminder of our Journey to Collective Compassion ♥♥♥

Support & Receive

Ayahuasca Dreamcatcher (*Variety–Limited*): $115+

Receive a Unique, Handmade Ayahuasca Dream Catcher! Made with Much Love, Ayahuasca & other Natural Materials ∞

Support & Receive

Shipibo Woman Handmade Woven Tela (Tapestry), Altar Piece (*Variety–Limited*): $175+

Receive a Special, Very Ornate Fair-Trade Shipibo Tela (Tapestry)–all Handmade & Woven, to Frame or use as a Truly Magnificent Altar Piece! *Just a few, pictured above

Support & Receive

Shipibo Woman Handmade Woven Tela, Medium (*One Available, Pictured*): $215+


Receive this medium-sized Tela, or Tapestry, with an Ornate Woven design of Shamanic Icaros, or Healing Songs, a Fair Trade item from the Shipibo of the Amazon, crafted with Incredible Detail & Skill!

Support & Receive

Shipibo Woman Hand-Woven Table Runner (*One Available, Pictured*): $515+

Receive this Hand-Stitched Table Runner, Woven with Astonishing detail–a Fair Trade item from the Shipibo women of the Amazon. Absolutely Awe-Inspiring! 

Support & Receive

Shipibo Hand-Painted Large Ornate Tela (Tapestry) (*Variety–Very Limited*): $915+


Large tela with Ornate, Hand-Painted designs of shamanic icaros, or healing songs. A fair trade item made by the Shipibo of the Amazon, in amazing detail. A Truly Great Art Piece!

Support & Receive

When you donate, in the “Other Instructions/Comments” section of the MAPS form:

  • You can list any special requests you might have for your Gift in Gratitude and we are happy to do our best to accommodate! (Otherwise, we will send you a unique gift associated with the level of the donation given.)
  • Please provide your mailing address for all gifts of $20 or more (except when requesting Birth Chart Reading: provide Email, Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location).

We Thank You For Your Compassionate Contribution!

“Compassion is the Radicalism of Our Time.” –Dalai Lama