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The Aftercare Project is actively seeking:

  • Therapists & counselors around the world with psychedelic experience for training & referrals
  • Volunteers to help with communications & outreach, marketing, research, & writing
  • Psychology graduate students with psychedelic experience for training & moderation of web forum

Please contact Raven Ray: with your interest.

Your consideration to play a part in helping these individuals reintegrate is important, since many times, hopeful people are turning to psychedelics once Western medicine has failed to help their condition. Psychedelics have proven useful for a wide range of illnesses, such as PTSD for our veterans, but like everything, there is still work to be done and the quick fix Westerners are used to is not the norm. Aftercare, as well as management of expectations, education, and preparation are all very important in assuring we are doing all that we can to help.

Together, we will provide support and work to build a collaborative set of therapies to help lead the way to a deeper understanding of the needs of westerners in the wake of these powerful experiences. We have the opportunity to learn and provide the best avenues for care alongside continuing research in this exciting, enlightening new arena, all while helping those who are really needing it.

On behalf of everyone who has put their heart into this initiative,

We Thank You for your part in the Collective Experience!

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We Need Your Help:  We are lucky and very grateful for all of the volunteered efforts here and are now needing funding to build the Aftercare website that will provide expert care and 24-hour support to those who are needing it, in a professional, and secured space, along with extensive education and preparation materials, all in one space. We’ve had an inspiringly beautiful response from our base of experts & therapists who are eager to address this urgent need for aftercare and support.

Contributions to this cause are important so that we can start connecting and helping as soon as possible.  Please consider making a donation through MAPS Donations here. Any donation, large or small, makes a huge difference! As a great plus, all donations made through MAPS are tax-deductible.

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We Thank You for Your Collective Support!

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